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3 Gears

Small, Medium & Large Appliances

Service Fees

Service Fees are applied in order for the technician to:

  • Disassemble the appliance

  • Test all components

  • Research needed replacement parts

  • Notify Customer of appliance issue

  • Provide Customer with an estimated appliance repair cost

All Service Fees are non-refundable

Approved Appliance Repair Costs

If you approve the estimated appliance repair cost then the service fee will be applied to the total cost.

  • (i.e. If the total cost of your appliance repair is $70 and you have already paid a $35 service fee the total amount you owe is $35)


Declined Appliance Repair Costs
If the estimated repair cost is declined customers have two options:

  • Before the item is returned unrepaired you must first purchase the return postage and schedule a pick up for your appliance with the shipper you choose


  • You can instruct the technician to dispose of the appliance for you. If you have declined the estimated repair cost, parts are no longer available for your appliance or it is not worth it to repair the appliance then the service fee covers the total labor cost and no additional fee will be charged.

Return Policy


All Sales are final

No returns are accepted

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